Aurora Diagnostics Twin Cities Dermatopathology provide our clients with complimentary specimen and shipping supplies.

General Supplies:

• Requisition forms
• Specimen vial labels
• Plastic Zip Lock Specimen Bags
• Specimen Mailing Boxes (Postage Paid)
• Fedex Airbills
• Fedex Diagnostic Packs

Biopsy Supplies:

• 7 ml (Small) Formalin Container
• 20ml (Medium) Formalin Container
• 40ml (Large) Formalin Container
• 60ml (Extra large) Formalin Container
• Direct Immunofluorescence Kit - Michel's Medium

Request Supplies

If you are an existing customer and want to receive supplies, please click on the link to print a copy of our Supply Request Fax form. Supplies may also be requested by calling (800) 782-2974, ext. 5. Our client services representatives will be glad to assist you.

New Clients

If you are a new client, please call (800) 782-2974, ext. 8. Our client service representatives will be glad to assist you in setting up an account. It is the policy of TCDP to consistently and fully comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to services and billing for services. In order to be compliant, TCDP may only provide a client with supplies directly used in submitting the sample to the laboratory.

To order supplies, feel free to fill out the form below. If you prefer to download the form and send your request via fax, please click here.